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Integrating Lead Nurturing with Adwords

If you think Lead Nurturing is like "email," you're right! You can think of lead nurturing as sophisticated email marketing - lead nurturing includes a range of activities that show value in email records and prepare those leads for sales.

We connect your advertising programs with lead scoring and nurturing systems like Marketo and Genius. Once the source of each email record is captured, you can use lead nurturing data to further optimize your advertising. We show you how!

-- Learn how lead source impacts lead nurturing efforts

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Lead Nurturing Integration

Strategic support for Lead Nurturing integration
Data analysis of lead scoring, by original lead source
Ongoing support for data integrity/reporting

   -- data collection strategy/implementation
   -- universal lead definition consulting
   -- technical integration with DB/website
   -- nurturing-to-Salesforce/CRM integration
   -- Scoring/optimization strategies by lead source
   -- ongoing testing/maintenance

Part of Lead Nurturing is knowing where those leads came from. Inbound-marketing programs like Adwords often are the original source of those leads. What kind of touch a lead might require depends largely on where the lead came from. We help connect your marketing programs to your email and lead nurturing efforts.

Businesses have trouble getting their Lead Nurturing programs off the ground at all, let alone fully integrated with their other systems. Even well-designed lead nurturing programs fail to account for the source of each lead. Knowing where the lead came from, and using lead nurturing data to optimize the advertising source is emerging as a crucial ad management opportunity.

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