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Connecting Advertising to Salesforce/CRM

Savvy online advertisers collect customer data and revenue in their Salesforce accounts - this step represents the hand-off from marketing to sales for many of our customers.

We can help to ensure the source of each lead is included in those customer records. That's good data, and an essential step in understanding what aspects of your advertising are working for your business.

-- Prove which ads drive revenue with a Salesforce integration

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Advertising/Salesforce Integration

Strategic/Technical expertise for Salesforce integration
Best-of-class analysis of advertising using Salesforce metrics
Ongoing support for data collection/reporting

   -- data collection strategy/implementation
   -- universal lead definition consulting
   -- technical integration with website
   -- support for Adwords, Facebook, +more
   -- connecting Salesforce to lead-nurturing programs
   -- strategies for phone-based leads
   -- customer-value analysis using revenue
   -- ongoing testing/maintenance

Having customer data in Salesforce helps you to understand which accounts are driving revenue - we will show you where those accounts came from, with revenue, by source or advertising program.

Once you have ad-source data in your Salesforce records, we'll show you how to use that data to advertise more efficiently. Reporting and analysis that includes source and revenue data (in a consistent way across programs), enables you to cut costs and improve your advertising performance.

Contrary to industry claims, Salesforce is not a "marketing tool." However, a proper integration with advertising programs can help close the loop from advertising to sales. It's not easy, but we do all the work!

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